luscious lids pt.2-the head scarf, nyc, mar.07

Uggghhhh I la la la la love this look. I would wear it every day in Italy, scooting around Cinque Terre on my turquoise Vespa...Who's comin with me?


tweedledum & tweedledee, nyc, mar.07

isn't it soooo embarrassing when you meet up with your homey and he's wearing the same skunk fur coat as you?...you could cut the tension in this picture with a knife.

Erin Fetherston, nyc, mar.07

Spring '07

Fall '07

I'm not sure if I believe in soulmates, but I whole-heartedly believe in fashionmates. Erin Fetherston is mine. Not only do her designs encompass every color and shape I'm craving right now, but she also rubs elbows with girls like Zooey Deschanel who have amazing voices and sing at her fashion shows. Mmmmkaaaayyyyyyyy


luscious lids pt.1-the turban, nyc, mar.07

i've secretly always wished that the turban would make a comeback in my lifetime...thank you baby jesus and miuccia prada.


Mark my word...Tennis people!

Remeber how I was telling y'all about my obsession with vintage tennis inspired things? Well my best buddie Jay (from Whodini Handmade) sent me a link to this bag and I thought I would share it with my peeps. You can buy it here if you'd like...

duck duck boots, nyc, mar.07

April showers bring May flowers, but still...here come the April showers. I'm ready for rainy season with my brand new yellow umbrella and duck boots. That's right, duck boots. If only I could find those little pinstriped shoe umbrellas......


Spring Inspiration, MOMA, NY

While in New York, I was able to go to the Museum of Modern Art for free (thanks Target!). Here are some of the things I saw that inspired me to spruce up my Spring wardrobe...

Damn kelly green is everywhere!

Patchworok is your friend...

If a hair-do could be an Easter dress, this would be it. So bunny rabbit chic!

Imagine yourself on yacht cruising around the French Riviera, wearing a straw fedora and a pretty sun dress. You are parched and in need of a refershment. You head downstairs to the bar and encouter this bench...

Oh geo prints, can't get enough!

Steven Seagal wishes he was this cool, NY

If you were ever scared to try out the mix-print trend, ask yourself "What would this guy do?" If you look closely you can see even his teal mic is leopard print! Genius!

Aspiring Foot Models...Brooklyn Brige, NY

During my trip to Manhattan over the weekend it was hard, at first, to find the chicness that New York is known for. Granted, everyone was bundled up in snow boots and big heavy winter coats, but I was desperate for European chic. Then, I ran into these lovely ladies. One lady with her gold tennis shoes, another with her black Adidas and red-gold-green stripes, all three of them with amazing eye glasses. So independent, so natural, so damn sure of themselves. A very different way of life...especially coming from a state where blonde hair, breast jobs, and hummers are the norm.


master blaster, lower east side, nyc, mar.07

The new ghetto blaster or just a public display of laptop love? Either way, do not disturb.


bohemian wrapsody, nyc, mar.07

i saw this once on the street in soho on an unfortunately camera-less day, and i fell in love, so here is my attempt at a reenactment. the look involved two pashminas of the same color, tied loosely together at both ends and lazily wrapped around the neck. i like the idea of varying colors, fabrics or even patterns. if you wanna play it safe, stick with monotone or two very complimentary colors(see above).

thank god for street vendors who make this look possible for 10 little bones!


daddy's girl, nyc, mar.07

The following is an excerpt from an email between me and my totally awesome papa:

"I do have some observations, or questions, for your blogging alter ego.
I've noticed a lot of people wearing fuzzy bedroom slippers out and about
in public. Are they all on heavy medication or is this a fashion

And another thing, I saw a girl walking by and she had a backpack strapped on her back (of course).It was the size of a small plastic lunch bag. Is she going on a
grueling 100 foot hike? Climbing an ant hill?
Trekking in her backyard?
Whats with that? It couldn't hold a thought.

Thats all from me.
Miss you and our fights.

Love you

So in response, I have come up with the DOs and DON'Ts of the mini backpack.....

DON'T buy something at the Mac store and advertise it for the next month by using their bag as a daypack. You're only advertising your nerdiness.

DO carry a mini first aid kit backpack. You may save a little life. It may be your own.

DON'T...just don't

DO let your pooch go ahead and wear that mini backpack. He doesn't know any better.

DON'T...there's a reason you 'found it for a great deal on overstock.com'

Coming soon....the DOs and DON'Ts of the bedroom slipper


the kiwiberry, nyc, mar.07

it may not be fashion, but it is a beautiful thing. this weekend i discovered the magic of the kiwiberry while aimlessly wandering the aisles of balducci's for something to bring to a dinner party. this little creation is the size of a grape, the taste of a kiwi and just as cute as a teeny tiny tennis-ball-dwelling harvest mouse. bon appetit.

Vivienne Westwood @ The deYoung Museum, SF

So this last weekend I attended my very first San Francisco fashion event of 2007. Vivienne Westwood had 35 years of her designs showcased at the deYoung Museum in the Golden Gate Park. I was grinning ear to ear all night with all the fabulousness that was going on. Here are a few images that caught my eye that night...the good, the bad, and the "Am I at Bay to Breakers?"

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you are talking to), this sophisticated S&M look was really popular at this event. For me...it's too reminiscent of the Pulp Fiction "Bring out the gimp" scene. No thank you!

Yes, that is a ship attached to her hat...oh, the endless opportunities the glue gun creates.

This dude was trying so hard to be avant-garde with his dog collar/anti-bite thingy, but the second he tried to take a drink...it was actually quite painful.

What can I say...I am a sucker for the "Old Man" look.

And they said I would have a tough time finding trends in SF!!! Thank you Tyson for making them eat their words!

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