filippa k for the holidaze, nyc, nov.09

filippa k makes the most wonderful i-popped-out-of-bed-and-made-absolutely-no-effort-to-look-perfect-but-i-do-anyway looks. each one would be a dream to wear during this busy month of hopping from work to holiday party, window shopping to ice skating.


ksubi sunnies, nyc, nov.09

i spent the better part of last week tucked under a blanket with an itchy throat and stuffy nose (...and a cute new baby kitten by my side). at times like these i call upon my tried and true 3-part remedy:

*zicam dissolvable tablets (every 3-4 hours!)

*sick soup, a concoction that has gotten me through some of the worst colds and flus: dice up some carrots, leeks and as much garlic as you can handle and toss into a pot of sodium-free chicken broth. voila, sick soup!

*breakfast at tiffany's on repeat! i seriously never get sick of this film and always find some new detail to obsess over with every viewing

...this time it was her sunnies. i know i know, holly golightly's shades are classics, i'm hardly the first person to notice them. but i need a new pair for this sunny, cold new york winter i'm about to face. these beauties are made for a modern day audrey h...they just jumped all the way up to the #1 spot on my holiday wishlist!


Happy Holidays from Chile! NYC, Nov.09

i'm so smittten with j.crew these days, as if you hadn't noticed. the color palettes are perfection and the styling is such a beautiful blend of relaxed, put-together, cool without caring. somehow their holiday catalog made it's way into my mailbox and oops! i flagged every page...i want it all. these two little snapshots represent the perfect holiday color palette- split pea, charcoal, claret and pops of peach. such beauty!

It's no secret that I'm continuously finding inspiration in the J.Crew aesthetic.


popupshop, nyc, nov.09

there are tiny little pop-up shops sprouting everywhere nowadays, but ohmygosh have you ever seen any this cute?!?!?! popupshop smartly designs sustainable, stylish kiddie clothes that are bound to hit the streets and strollers of soho, no doubt.

ps- i need that little grey sweatsuit, i wonder if i can squeeze into an XXL.


jeepers creepers, nyc, nov.09






prettttty taken by this this sexy and super-versatile silk romper, a sneak peek at the 4thandbleeker debut collection premiering early next year! wootwoot!


SCORE! NYC, Nov.09

no big plans for tomorrow? gather up your old clothes, books, music, art and $3 in change from the bottom of your bag and head on down to 3rd ward for the Score! Pop-up Swap. RSVP here!


let it rain, nyc, nov.09

did anyone else get caught in that nasty downpour on saturday? eeks. i've been pondering the purchase of some puddle jumpers for a while- approximately 3 and 1/4 years, since the day i set foot in new york. after torturing a few precious pairs of leather boots in the process, i can finally say i'm ready for wellies. here's the problem: hunters are cute but i see them on every woman in a 60-mile radius! i want something different, but not crazy. black or grey or navy, tall and without too much detail...rubber is hard enough to get on, i don't need 10 inches of lacing thrown in. so i think i've found the ones. well, two:

jeffrey campbell rain boot, $64.95

rubber riding boot,$29.90

thoughts? i can't decide....kinda leaning toward the riding boot!



Field House- SEATTLE, Nov.09

Yoo hoo, Seattle: I miss you! Just discovered the recent opening of Field House and now (and for so many reasons) I'm wishing I were making a visit sooner than Feb. Apparently I'm a little out of the loop on sweet boutiques in Seatown, I'd never even heard of Blackbird! With delish spots like La Carta, Hattie's Hat and the enormous Value Village, Ballard is slowly becoming my cup of tea.

cozy navajo prints and plaids:

love those vintage thermoses:

pretty pillows:

I spy a hudson blanket there in the background:

and the Mo's bacon chocolate pancake mix i've been dying to get my paws on:


sugar and spice, nyc, nov.09

this is my inspiration pic of the week: pretty and perfectly lady-like.

p.s. I neeeeed that swing coat!!!



frozen assets, nyc, nov.09

Has anyone else seen the beautiful styling of Anthro's online feature, "Frozen Assets"?? The snowy crystal-like capsules send visions of sugarplums dancing through my head...I'm in love

PS: these would make great holiday gifties...


In memory of Maggie: The Modern Art of Collecting Vintage Clothes, Nov.09

I stumbled upon this amazing little gem by way of pia jane bijkerk, an amazing little gem in itself. Collecting vintage clothing has been a passion of mine since...I can't remember when. Since I was 8 years old and shopping at Value Village for doll clothes? It definitely all began with the inheritance of an AMAZING vintage wardrobe from my mom's wonderful friend, Maggie. Sweet Maggie passed away last week and I've spent a lot of time remembering her since. I wish I had the pictures of my sister and I playing dress up in our front yard in all of Maggie's 1940s hats, crinolines and 60s boots. From there the love just spun out of control- weekly trips to Salvation Army, Red Light Lounge, some dumpster behind one of the thrift stores on the Ave (gross, I know, but I was only working with babysitting money). I still feel more at home in a moth-ball scented Seattle thrift store than in any SoHo boutique, thanks to Maggie who taught me the importance of uniqueness and self-expression through beautiful clothes. I miss her.



Society for Rational Dress, nyc, nov.09

It's no surprise that Society for Rational Dress' designer studied in Seattle- these pieces are just screaming Pacific Northwest! to me and I'd wear them all over that town...

for walking the dogs to a top pot donut and coffee date:

for thrifting in ballard, lake city, lynnwood and beyond:

for a hot dinner date at kingfish cafe:

for a movie at the egyptian and drinks at linda's:

for cheese nip salads and trivia night at the broiler!

for a walk through the park and brunch with the ladies at monsoon:



lady london, nyc, nov.09

sooo much talk of london lately!! one friend just moved there, one is falling in love there and another is about to hop the pond for a mini-vacay there. i've decided to pretend that i too have a great britain getaway planned and these are the items i won't go without...

felt flowers beret, kate spade

a perfect overcoat, anthro

karen walker sunnies, gargyle

sexy studded dress, fcuk

tipped cardie, j.crew

ports 1961 ciggie pant, nordies

pointelle trouser socks, j.crew

(...sorry for the redundancy, they're just sooo cuuute)

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