peachy Keane, nyc, nov.07

Does anyone know where I can find a good peach-colored t-shirt?


uhohhhh, nyc, nov.07

Please don't do the hoki poki

According to the JC report, a highly respected international trend website (much like Coco and LeRoy), hoki is the new croc. This scares me. I don't want crocs in my life and I certainly don't need to see herds of people strutting around in a new, open-toe version of them. Have a little respect.


Gwen Stefani...Stockton, CA

I may loose a few of you with this one, but I don't even care. She starts trends (think jewels for your forehead circa 1997 to name one) and since this is a trend-spotting website, I feel it's necessary to pay homage to this little lady. And by little, I mean skinny! But not Lindsay Lohan skinny, I'm talking Madonna skinny minus the crazy yoga muscles. I am normally very against giving props to a womans weight, but this chick makes me want to give up white wine and french fries for good!

Her concert was fantastic...one too many slow songs, but what she lacked in dance music she made up with costumes and Harajuku dancers. Once again, just like middle school, I am left feeling jealous of the good Asian dancers.

So check out the pictures I was able to get, disregard any pompous music tendencies, and enjoy the pop culture!

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