Jesse Kamm, nyc, mar.08

I have a new crush and her name is Jesse Kamm. This LA-based designer somehow read my mind and then whipped up some dream clothes for me...

In the summer with converse or strappy sandals:

I LOVE THIS!!! I would have worn it all over the beaches of Trinidad & Tobago:

A perfect travel ensemble:

Sunday crossword puzzle attire:

Art opening/Birthday party/Wedding/what have you!:

Plus, she's jumping on the bandwagon of designers who are thinking outside the runway...check out her Spring '08 film, L.A. Bloom.


Style Icon II: Awesome Newsom, NYC, Mar.08

I just want to be her, is that so much to ask?

Style Icon I: Bonjour Tristesse, NYC, Mar.08

In this Otto Preminger film taking place in the late 50's on the French Riviera, the theme may be grim ("Hello, Sadness") but the clothing is far from it. Cecile, the 17-year old daughter of a handsome playboy, can be found frolicking in a number of brightly colored swimsuits, but she never leaves home without one of her papa's old monogrammed work shirts. They're perfectly worn and soft and just the right length to be tied at the waist for a little sass. This laid-back look is offset with the occasional, and always superchic, cocktail dress or ciggy pant and sailor tee. Ummm, I think I need to raid her closet.


Haitian...er..Trinabogian vacation, pt.4 "protect yoself"

Sunshine is a lovely thing but you must remember to protect your skin and eyes from its' damaging UV rays. Don't fret my pet, you can do it in style with these little tidbits:


Panama Hats


If all else fails, slip on some sun-protective clothing and call it a day.

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