Bits and Pieces: Autumn, Oct.11



Shorty chic, Oct.11

Just a heads-up that this post may contain an overabundance of cuteness...apologies in advance.

Watch out little Gigi, your Tia's got big plans for you.



loeffler lover, oct.11

This post is dedicated to the lovely ladies at Loeffler Randall...Lisa and Mimi, you know who you are :)

A few years ago I became infatuated with a certain rubber rain-proof version of the matilde boot. I hemmed and hawed for a bit (Seattle girls like to keep it real with rain slickers and clogs) before finally taking the plunge. Sadly, the first run of matilde rain boots experienced a few hiccups, resulting in some not-so-rain-proof boots. It took me wayyy too long to contact customer service about my faulty pair - approximately 2 years - but the ladies of LR were so sweet and beyond accommodating. Here I was with some 3 yr old rain boots and no receipt, and they graciously explained that they had recalled the first faulty batch way back when, but they'd be happy to gift me a new pair of my choosing. I went with the Taupe pretties up above, and I couldn't be happier.

If you ask me, Loeffler Randall makes the most chic rain styles on the market. Here are a few more bits and pieces of their practically perfect collection.


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