Ode to Camping, July.11

I'm approaching the final week of my lu-huuvely summer vacation and I couldn't ask for a more perfectly summery way to spend it: First camping and river venturing with friends along the Delaware Water Gap. Then flying back to Seattle to squeeze in one last visit with my sweet little baby turnip-faced niece, her amazing mama, my wonderful mom and pops and me lovely lady friends. Mmhmmmnn.

I love camping like a fat kid loves cake, and would really like to do it more than once a year. It makes me miss the Pacific Northwest and it's abundance of beautiful outdoor spaces to lay my head. But to be fair, what I love about NY camping is that you can get to some really amazing areas by relying solely on public transportation- like the watchhill wilderness campground!

Hope you like my little concoction of camp-esque images and attire. Bring on the river tubing, banana boat-ing, citronella-scented weekend!


camping 1


camping 2




elephingers, july.11

i've been on an elephant kick for a little while now...this little sweetie is a safari for your fingers. nevermind the price tag.


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