oh carrie, may.11

THANK YOU Alida for calling this out.

But I still do love you, Carrie.


secret weapons, may.11

a short lesson in logic:

. i looove shoes
. i'm short...petite, if you will
. if you are height-challenged, and you wear nude shoes, they will give the illusion that you are taller*
. therefore, i must make room in the closet for rebecca minkoff's debut shoe collection.

*note: this equation may not apply to all skin tones.

i spotted these doll boots on a client earlier in the week and haven't been able to get them outta my mind...a perfect color to wear with everything, and the heel height is just right:

and then there's the vixen platform pump- these beauties have been sitting in my shopping cart for a month next to a michael kors rose gold watch. maybe it's time to bring em on home.


linen + lines, may.11

neutral linen + navy stripes + perfect pockets = a definite yes! yes! yes!


wear color, may.11

ohhh lawwwdy, this site has me figured out. i popped into Zara the other day and felt an overwhelming urge to wrap myself in its' racks of bright bright yellow, jade, cobalt, watermelon, satsuma, aqua....

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