oh joy!, nyc, may.07

oh joy is right! i think i'm in love with another blog

pompom wonderful, nyc, may.07

I can trace my love of pompoms back to the chloe dress that kirsten dunst wore to umm...some awards show a few years ago. It was white and light as a feather and dripping with delicate little white gumdrops. I find myself digging through my closet every year around this time for my own precious pompoms...

...ay de mi, they make me wanna sip Agua de Sevilla and baile flamenco.


lucid dreams, nyc, may.07

It's so clear to me that lucite is the new accessory. You've got nothing to hide....right?


b2b, sf, may.07

Coco and LeRoy were reunited for 4 magical days in San Francisco, just in time for Bay to Breakers! If you've never heard of such a thing, let me sum it up for you....7 miles of THIS on a sunny Sunday in May:


Salty Dog

Tis the season for sand, fun, and sun (well, you'd think mid-May this would be the case for most Californian cities, but in SF...not so much). Here is my suggestion for your Summer 2007 Man Fashion:

The Salty Dog look!!!

You first need to start with the tee. Preferably thin and burned-out. You'd be a lot cooler if it was in your dad's dresser, but if not eBay (specifically this guy) is a great resource). Here are some examples:

Now for your footwear. Normally you'd want to wear your trusty ol' Rainbows. But on the days you want to feel ultra salty, how about these:

Now for bottom half. Since I am crazy for Jorts* right now, these (minus the camel toe) would be pretty bad ass:

Or maybe these:

Just in case you have a wedding, date, church with Mom, you'll need a "nice" shirt:

And to block some rays and top off this "ultra cool dude" look, find yourself a Panama hat...

And here's a list of things to do to add some street cred:
-rent/buy Point Break, or anything with Gary Busey
-line the inside of your garage with surf boards
-buy some art like this:

-have Beach Boys Pet Sounds on repeat
-take a chill pill and relax, a true Salty Dog never sweats the small stuff!

*we can all thank Lizzie Rosenberg for my new favorite word/fashion piece...JORTS (jean shorts). Coming soon, Women's Jort Fashion!


show some skin!, nyc, may.07

Romper, playsuit, jumper, call it what you like. I call it freakin cute.

Don't forget your SPF 30!!!


Risky Bid'neh, nyc, may.07

We can all learn a thing or two about color coordination from this fine young fellow. Note the varying textures, the pop of red in the tie and the subtly blingy gold pinky ring...



Amelia's Lemonade, boston, may.07

On the corner in front of the bakery in the North End of Boston sits Amelia and her bucket of lemonade. This is prettty much where I hope to be in 50 years, knee-highs and all.


A Tribute to Vivienne Westwood, SF

It was SF State College Night at the DeYoung Museum a couple of weeks ago. They had a fashion show of art students from all over San Francisco showcasing peices inspired by Vivienne Westwood. Here are some of the looks I loved from that night...

The dress to the right is made out of bras...

Last but certainly not least, these looks were hand sewn by my dear friend Maggie Benson. So Harajuku meets Outer Mission. Great job Mags!

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