razzle dazzle, apr.11

i'm really loving this glitzy bracelet, dripping with a rainbow of rhinestones!
it reminds me of this advanced style interview that i recently watched...'lots and lots and lots of bracelets! lots and lots and lots of rings!'
words to live by, yes indeed.


la pochette, apr.11

since i was a wee one, i've had a love for bags so strong that it borders on unhealthy. i have many distinct memories of my mama referring to me as a 'bag lady'...i would take the time each morning to transfer my books, pencil pouch, etc from one bag or backpack to whichever one was a better match for that day's ensemble. fast forward 20+ years and i'm still right there. maybe a little less matchy-matchy than in 3rd grade, but with a pretty solid supply of satchels, totes and carryalls which can often be found littering all rooms of my apartment, thanks to that very same morning transfer routine, now done in haste as i run to the subway.

anyhoo, now that you have some background, here's a really hot little number that i wouldn't mind adding to my collection:

do you remember this post? clearly clare vivier just continues to read my mind. all i want is to carry my belongings around in soft clutches of various colors, sizes, textures and patterns. my attraction to the above babies is a product of my desperate need for sunshine (longest.winter.ever). the neutral/bright combo begs to be worn with loose white cotton tops, baby blue ankle jeans, khaki trenches, gold jewels, tan skin and the like.


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