Frock Block, NYC, Aug.08

I'm so into this...

Moss and Apricot, SF, Fall 08

oh Fall, why do you rule so hard? Peachy oranges and hunter greens is how I'll show you how much I love you...

John Galliano, Fall 08:

Miss Sixty, Fall 08:

Moschino, Fall 08:

Paul Smith, Fall 08:

Alberta Ferretti, Fall 08:

Aquascutum, Fall 08:

Chris Benz, Fall 08:

Erdem, Fall 08 (what if I wore this as a wedding dress? My dad would have a heart attack!):

James Coviello, Fall 08:

ok, ok...most of us wont actually wear these outfits. So how about I ease you in and start with the make up...

for your eyes, Sephora Brand Slim Pencil eyeliner in Forest Green

for your cheeks, CARGO Beach Blush in Miami Beach

for your lips, MAC Lipglass

and for my mani/pedi ladies...
for your hands, Chanel nail color in Orange Blossom *note, this is discontinued so eBay is your best bet*

for your toes, Rescue Beauty nail color in Recylce


Woodn't it be lovely Pt.II, NYC, Aug.08

Four years later and I still go weak for woodgrain...

This cuff is especially lovely, more feminine than your average wooden timepiece.

Quilt while you're ahead, NYC, Aug.08

Fall is code for cozy, and what's cozier than a quilt?


(Marc Jacobs)




(Forever 21)




Double up, NYC, Aug.08

Wanna know an easy way to spice up a really simple or conservative look? Bangles. Two of them. On your wrists. I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and noticed a girl wearing a long, simple, flowy floral dress with simple black sandals. But she really caught my eye, know why? The bangles. She wore a single black (wooden?) bangle on each wrist, they were similar but not exactly the same. Both were wide and fitted to her wrists, but each had a unique shape to it. I think this is key. If you're trying this at home, I'd suggest choosing two of the same color, solid or with subtle detail, but each slightly unique from the other. Wear them with a flowy dress, fitted work clothes or a tank and cut-offs for something new! xoxox


Summer to Fall, NYC, Aug.08

Sure it's 80 degrees and muggy at the moment, but Fall is just around the corner my pets. The thought of sweaters, tights and boots may cause you to produce a few extra sweat beads, so I'm here to give you some tips as we transition into one of the most beautiful seasons of the year...


Abaete does the full mini skirt-long sleeve tee-heels and ankle socks (or ankle booties)

Givenchy does the long sleeved dress-heeled sandals

Preen does the skinny pant-oversized cardigan-heels

So does Givenchy

Shipley and Halmos do the sweater-shorts-bootie

Chloe shows a new take on old leggings

Malo perfectly pulls off the sweater-skirt-bootie

And Matthew Williamson does it with a mini dress and sweater vest!

Wrong way:


Stop, Peg-and-Roll, nyc, aug.08

Ahh yes, the ole peg-n-roll. It's hard to take this trend seriously when my last memories of it include super-sassy David Spade, Chris Farley and Adam Sandler chomping french fries and talkin smack, but the pictures don't lie, the peg looks kinda good...Click here for directions.



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