Whoa, NYC, Jan.09

...I think I may have just fallen for Harem pants



LA Story, NYC, Jan.09

I am beyond over the winter look...so tired of being bundled, layered, covered and puffed. All I do is daydream of a time when I can walk out of the apartment in a teeny tiny floral mini a la SJP (L.A. Story?) with no consideration for even the slightest cardigan...

* all eBay


Colors for Winter/Spring, SF Jan 09

Every year around the same time I realize I don't have a color scheme Im not obsessed with. This year, I'll be looking to Jens Lekman's discography for inspiration. These colors anchored with black opaque or grey cable knit tights. Done and done.

*artwork from Jens Lekman

In love w/ tights, SF Jan 08

You basically have to wear tights year round here in SF, but because V-Day is coming up Im getting the extra urge to dress as cute as a button. Short little high waisted ice skating skirts, vintage tee shirts, cardigans, tights, velvet blazers, "French Girl" scarves tangled with long hair and bangs, and flats. What a dream! Hansel from Basel makes awesome tights, and I especially love them when they go on sale cause they can get a bit pricey. UO, AA, and H&M makes good budget friendly tights as well.

*all tights from Hansel from Basel

Love Never Fails, LBC, Jan 09

My friend Jay rules pretty hard. He came up with this great idea where you send him an old tee shirt and he hand screen prints a limited edition graphic onto it for $10 (plus shipping). Go here to find out how.

*all graphics from Whodini Handmade


Jump(!) for my love, NYC, Jan.09

Some jumpsuits and shades if we opt for an island getaway:




...if only i could squeeze into this hot orange barbie number...

*Jumpsuits by American Apparel, Banana Republic, Asos and eBay
**All sunglasses from http://www.urbanoutfitters.com

no-sweat pants, nyc, jan'09

for a long time now (perhaps since unemployment?) i've been strangely obsessed with finding the perfect sweatpant: one that implies effort and style but provides pure comfort and coziness. i think i may have found em:






Shoes Made For Walking, SF '09

Ever since my scare with Gout Ive been on the look out for incredibly durable yet stylish shoes. Im talking arch support, sturdy soles, no more than 2" heel. Let me tell you...that shit is hard. Luckly clogs are making a come back (more of that to come). Until I can find some under 100 bones though, Im left asking myself "Are these even cute?" These pink ladies seem cute enough, but a little on the Crocs side for my taste. But I dont know...what do you think?

Shop Your Asos Off pt. II, NYC, Jan.09

Now that you've refreshed your back-to-work wardrobe, it's time to accessorize, starting with ladies' best friend: the handbag


Shop Your Asos Off, NYC, Jan.09

This might be a little late in the game, but is anyone else in awe over the discovery of ASOS.com??? Such a cute, cheap, one-stop, not-h&m shop! Let's begin with some of my favorite back-to-work dresses....


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