LeRoy's current obsession: Sherbert!

For at least 6 months now I have been completely drained of inspiration with no hope in sight. My favorite magazines and blogs just were'nt feeding my creative fire. I was in a rut and no motivation to get out of it.
Then the New Year hit, and naturally I was ready for a change; a new perspective on life. Just as I was searching for inspiration I received a gift (aka subscribed daily email) from the ladies at Who What Wear . It was their “Look Forward to: Trends Spring 08”

The top right corner outlined my color destiny. Sherbet ladies and gents! Who knew? Growing up my brother loved sherbet ice cream, but not me. And I am not a big fan of pastels, which sherbets are a close relative to. So what was it that drew me to this color pallet? Im guessing the juxtaposition (favorite design element alert) and oxymoron of muted brights. Or how they look paired to my current color staple; grey. Maybe because they me offer a new perspective to spring colors. Whatever the reason, Im completely obsessed! And I don’t want the spring to end!

LeRoy's Tax Return purchase #1

I like to appreciate this time of getting back money from Uncle Sam because I know it wont last long once the house and babies come. So in honor of my appreciation and the foreseen recession, I feel it's my duty as an American citizen to indulge in a little useless spending. How you may ask? Buy splurging on one of these little beauties. Those of you who know me know the most expensive bag I've ever bought was no more than $30...so yes, Money Bags, this bag is expensive to me. But I feel its worth it since it fair trade...right? And by wearing this around town it's like I'm a walking United Nations Fashionista ($100 says my bf is rolling his eyes at that last statement).

Anyhow, do West Bengal and America proud and buy one will ya? Just not the navy and teal, kay?


Less FUPA, More Flatter

I've been on the hunt for the perfect cigarette pant for months now. I've searched high and low to no avail. What I want is not complicated: skinny black cropped pants that flatter, a la Audrey Hepburn.

But in my search I've become appalled by the number of suuuper unflattering styles being offered...butt-front pants, pleats in all the wrong places, bubbled thighs tapering into skinny calves and banded ankles. FUPA is a sad enough phenomenon, we don't need clothing that accentuates our...soft spots.


Haitian Vacation pt.3- "wrap it up"

Even the hottest Caribbean islands cool off a little at night. Enter: the shawl. Low-maintenance, lightweight, barely takes up any space in your beach bag but keeps you that much warmer at dusk. I'm really loving florals right now, but any bold colors and prints will do:


Rest in Peace lil Polaroid, NYC, Feb.08

Let's all take a moment to reflect on our good friend Polaroid...according to the NY Times, Polaroid is closing down factories in Massachusetts, Mexico and the Netherlands, and production of their instant cameras has ended in the past two years. The company is interested in licensing its film technology to others, but if it doesn't happen, its film will likely run out in 2009. :(

Start stocking up now! The eBay bidding wars are already out of control....


a little bit, nyc, feb.08

I think I'm a little bit in love with Lykke Li

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