the colleen skirt!, july.10

i love the company i work for, i love dots, and i LOVE the skirt they named after me:

*let me know if you'd like one for yourself...


summertime blues, july'10

oh lawdy i need this dress. stella m, how'd you get into my head?



knotical, july'10

i lo-lo-lo-lo-love these, i'd wear a cuff on each wrist.


amsterdam fam, july'10

cutest little family in the whole wide world.



go with the flo, july'10

new york weather these days has been gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous but hot as jalapeƱos. i can't fathom wearing anything more than light, simple, easy-breezy pieces and this flo pink necklace from a small collection is just right for a color pop on sun-kissed skin. i love this one too.

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