cashmere couch patata, dec.10

new york is getting colder by the day and i am searching for ways to keep warm in every way. a few of my soft, cozy findings....





festive fingers, dec.10

a rhinestone mani??? i can't think of a more precious way to get your lady fingers in the holiday spirit. but which color to don whilst decking the halls with boughs of holly? rose gold, i think. yes, rose gold.

after a bit of nosing around, i'm horrified to have learned that this beautification can cost you more than a pretty penny- up to a dollar per rhinestone. thankfully i discovered this little tutorial for a cheap and cheerful way to do it yourself. now, does anyone have a good rose gold polish recommendation?



blanket statement, dec.10

hallelujah for this berlin babe (!), she's given us all the green light to wrap ourselves in our warmest throws and weather the freezing cold.

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