21C Museum Hotel - Louisville, Kentucky

During my Tour de Ville, we came across 21C Museum Hotel. Modern art, swanky hotel, lounge bar...what more can you ask for. Next time your company sends you to Louisville, make sure they book you a room here...

Tour deVille 2007

Earlier this month I went on a road trip with 3 of my best friends. We went to Nasville, Tennessee...Louisville, Kentucky...and Asheville, North Carolina...ending in Durham, North Carolina. Best vacation of my life! The south has risen!

Cocktail anyone? SF, CA

Maybe it's because Soprano's is now over, or because I live in "Little Russia' aka the Richmond District, but I am in love with these gawdy rings! Def my newest eBay obsession...


If you're gonna belt it...nyc, may.07

...Shoot it from the hip, baby:


stirr-it-up, nyc, june.07

Let's face the facts: stirrup leggings are coming back. Don't be scared, just think of it as a second chance with an old flame. The first time around you were probably chubby, awkward and dependent on your parents minivan(can I send a shout out to Grimace) to get around. Not this time. This time you'll pair them with some little flats, bucks or strappy sandals and a slinky t-shirt or a beat-up oxford by day. You'll spice them up with sexy heels and some night moves and they'll forget about the past in no time. Go on, fall in love all over again:


I Love the 90's

So I read somewhere that Chloe Sevigny first appeared in a Sonic Youth video...come to find out she and Marc Jacobs did! *Note: she is the girl with the bald head* This video pretty much sums up 90's grunge fashion...in case you already forgot...

Listening to this song inspired me to look up some of my favorite hits from the mid 90's...


popcorn chenille, nyc, may.07

While we're talking textiles, let me introduce you to popcorn chenille, perfectly lightweight for the hot summer nights....

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