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17 reasons I never should have left San Francisco...


Tim Walker, nyc, may.08

I love his photographs....


Where to Shop in Union Square on a Budget (part 2), SF May 08

Next on my list...Urban Outfitters
Now, the way I feel about UO is the same way I feel about Lucky Magazine. I'm inspired slash mockingly bitter slash wanting to blow my wad slash inevitably dissapointed. So I shoot low and just buy things from the sales racks. The only problem with that is the crap thats on sale is the most ill-fitting and unflattering styles of all. So just like thrift stores, you must sift through the poop to get to the gold. And by gold, I generaly mean the shoes. Because of my specific body type, a lot of the sales clothes wouldnt be worthy of my money. But if your lucky enough to have a "high metabolism," two things...screw you and UO is your oyster. For the rest of us, here's a few items I found:

Where to Shop in Union Square on a Budget (part 1), SF May 08

While on my lunch break today, I came to grips with the fact that I can't afford shit. Plain and simple. I love clothes and shoes, but I can't afford what I really want. So I thought I would give you all a run down on my favorite places to shop when I'm downtown in Union Square. I have to break this up into seperate posts, as I am realizing I want a lot right now.

First up...Old Navy
Now, because of the fact that the only people reading this know me personally, this retail establishment may come as a shock to you and a "go to" place for me given the circumstances of last year (can we all say "run on sentence"?). But its true and I have come to terms with my relationship with this store...forgive and forget :) Because the fact is, there is a small portion of this store that has their shit going on!
Here are some examples:

I actually just bought this cute floral sleeveless tea dress at the actual store. Unfortunately, the image isn't available online...I guess you'll just have to come to my housewarming party to see it :)

next up...Urban Outfitters!


aye carumba, nyc, may.08

Feliz Cinco de Mayo a todo el mundo! Last night I went to a "fiesta de carne" in the hood and I was sooo super jealous to see that not only did my neighbor have a backyard bedazzled in twinkling lights, and a tent to keep us dry, but a firepit to boot! We chowed on chips and dips and carne galore but the highlight would have to be roasting marshmallows in the great outdoors of South 1st and Bedford. I'm not really sure where I'm going with this one except to say that if you have been blessed with a backyard, you should probably have a firepit and it would be great if you would use that firepit for roasting marshmallows and making s'mores and if you do this, please invite me. Margaritas are good, too.

agate-a have one! nyc, may.08

Every once in a while something captures my attention and I just can't get it out of my mind...Lykke Li(Thursday night at Bowery Ballroom!), banana sushi, Joel Englestein (and his amazing sense of man-style--more to come on that soon), pink drinks at the Uptown(and the impromptu photo shoots that follow) just to name a few. Something new has come along that's really knocked my socks off and I can't quite decide if it's tacky or fantastic but I just don't care. Behold, the agate drusy ring

I would like to wear one on each finger while telling fortunes out of the back of an old VW at Hemp Fest '08. Or maybe just the lavender one while sipping pink drinks with Joel Englestein.

this little piggy went to market, nyc, may.08

Summer is upon us and you know what that means- time to show off the toesies! Here are some of my favorite sunny day sandals...




Cri De Coeur


Urban Outfitters

Steve Madden

Matt Bernson

Lay on some bright polish and voila, perfection!

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