The Overall Approach, nyc, apr.07

Overalls are a hard look to pull off, and often leave you looking toddler-like or hickish. To avoid either of these, I say stick with the skinny.



On a recent camera-less day I saw a woman wearing skinny-leg overalls but the bib was a bit looser...sounds weird but looked HOT. This, as most things in my opinion, looks best with heels. Pair these hot lil mamas with a white tank top:

Or these babies with a vintage blouse:

This is how I'll be wearing them:


LeRoy's new BF

Yes, I know, Rufus Wainwright has been around for years. And yes, you can say I am "jumping on the bandwagon" for loving him right now. But come on! He's beautiful! That stage presence! That flare!

For the few of you that dont know who he is, he's the son of Loudon Wainwright III, brother to Martha Wainwright, and best friend to Marc Jacobs. His music, in my opinion, is a cross between Belle & Sebastian and Jeff Buckley. His shows are like if Wilco did cabaret with a french horn and a double bass. His fashion sense would put any man from Chelsea to the Castro to shame. I love him, and you should too...


sexy tee ecstasy, nyc, apr.07

I've got a fever, and the only cure is sexy summer t-shirts


juicy, nyc, apr.07

I am cuckoo for pineapple right now. I can't explain it, I just need it in my life. The juice, the color, the print, I want it all. Maybe it's because of the pineapple door knocker that lived on the front door of my parents house for so many years. Or because when I had a cold on New Years Eve I made it far past midnight with the help of a little pineapple juice.

First it was Chloe's bananas, then Louis Vuitton's cherries...I think pineapple will be the new "it" fruit. Here are just a few examples of how sweet life can be:





Lady Sunday, SF

I have such a girl crush on the ladies at Painted Bird. (it is with deep hesitation to say what I am about to say, in fear of all the good vintage being taken) If you haven't been, GO! It is the exact store I would have opened if I were to open a Buy/Sell/Trade store. Coco and I used to work at Crossroads Trading Co (that's how we meet), which is where the owner worked as well.

I've taken the liberty to create the best "Lady Sunday" ever...

...$4 bottomless mimosas at Lime, gay men and champagne!! Not your mothers way of spending Sunday morning, that's for sure.
...then head over to Painted Bird. And if your a marathon shopper, may I suggest Little Otsu, Thrift Town, and Needles & Pens to name a few.
...by now you will be in need of a pickmeup, so (with a reservation already made) head over to Lovejoy's Tea Room
...to end your cash-guzzling Sunday, I have 2 options: 1)back patio/garden, french fries, salad, and wine at Frjtz. 2)back yard, bike messengers, veggie burger, home fries, and beer at Zeitgeist. If you do choose the latter, learn from my brothers mistake and don't play a B-52's song on the Jukebox.
...and of course, walk everywhere

Enjoy and pray for sun!


Cleavie Wonder, nyc, apr.07

Toe cleavage...sweet?
or skanky?

Okay, I'll admit that I'm guilty of shamelessly exhibiting my well-endowed tootsies, but I was SHOCKED to learn that the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society has raised concerns about the lengths to which some women have gone to achieve perfect cleave..."foot facelifts" and "toe tucks"?
And apparently there are rules to this trend. According to Manolo Blahnik, 'the secret of toe cleavage is that you must only show the first two cracks.' Anything more than two is...less than tasteful? Trashy? Toe-tally uncalled for?


House of Field, nyc, apr.07

We all know that Patricia Field has a way with wardrobes. Her ghetto-fab styling work on Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada have influenced minds and closets across the continents. But her flare doesn't stop there. Meet Andre J, House of Fields' hottest employee...

Visit him at House of Field to see for yourself and while you're there pick up some ghetto gold, plastic panties or one of Ms. Fields' very own designs...
I think I'm in looooove


some girls have all the luck, nyc, apr.07

a dude blew a snot rocket headed straight for my shoe yesterday...he missed by a millimeter(the ninja skills again), but once again, wish I had those shoe umbrellas


Artsy Fartsy

The Marc by Marc Jacobs line for Spring/Summer 2007 has this art teacher thing going on that I love. She's a mellow woman with not too many excessive luxuries. She spends her sunday's drinking chai tea and listening to Joanna Newsom. She has an endless supply of lip balm from C.O. Bigelow that she carries with her everywhere. She wears coats like these because it reminds her of her favorite painters smock...

...wears her Dansko clogs with every outfit...

...carries her art supplies in this tote...

...supports her crafty friends by adorning their creations on a regular basis ...

(click on the picures to purchase your own art teacher accessories)

*shout out to Coco for introducing me to Joanna, Bigelow, and Dansko*


Happy Easter!

Sorry, but is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!


Sonic the Watchdog, nyc, apr.07

True story:

This morning on my way to work some nutso tried to punch me in the face. Thanks to my ninja skills, I was prepared and ducked my head just in time for his fist to miss my cheek by half a centimeter. But this experience got me thinking....maybe it's time I start carrying some sort of protection. Mace requires too much effort. Weapons weigh a lot. A personal bodyguard would be reeeally inconvenient. It was then, my friends, that I came upon this bad bad boy:

a) He's cute,
b) He's unassuming and
c) He's destructive as hell!!!

My Predecessor

Recently I googled our websites name. To my utmost surprise I found out the lead actors in the movie Fame were named Coco and Leroy!!! How perfect is that? Especially since Coco and I are OBSESSED with the dance inspired trend. Here are some images to better help you pick up what I'm putting down...

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These colors are so perfect for Spring/Summer...

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So Madonna / Sienna

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Ok, this may be a little inappropriate. But that's what he gets for break dancing in skivies!

No one does dance gear better than American Apparel...so check out these key items to help get your Fame-on:

-leotard...on sale now!
-scrimage top

want to contact us? email us at cocoandleroy@gmail.com

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