the great clog debate, mar.10

as you already know, i'm a little coocoo for clogs. i made it through the winter without a splurge, but now that spring is nipping at my heels i'm afraid i must give in.

i've had my eye on these sweet mamma jammas for a while now, but it didn't seem right buying open toed shoes while enduring one snow storm after another. they're pretty chunky and i know they run the risk of being unflattering but i've seen them on co-workers and have proof that they are sooo cute.

and then there are these babies. they have that unexpected super high heel and cute peep toe detail.

i love them both for different reasons but i just can't decide which to make mine. my boo doesn't like either of them, but i want your opinion.


gabrielle simpson hair, mar.10

after enduring some of the worst weather new york has seen in a while (aside from snow...snow can do no wrong in my book), i scurried home on saturday eve and snuggled up to my audrey hepburn collection. i looove the technicolor dreaminess of Paris- When it Sizzles, but maybe my favorite part of this film is the scene when gabrielle lets down her hair. so gorge. that pretty peach frock is sweet too.

kinda reminds me of zooey d's 'do in this adorbs she and him video.


mentionable unmentionables, mar.10

i've heard very good things about journelle, and from very reliable sources. thanks to a cup of jo, you can now get all those pretty, lacey lovelies at 15% off by using code CUPOFJO.


sock of love, mar.10

i love these little sock stories by townhouse. the contrast colors are cute too.


rennes, mar.10

i recently stumbled upon rennes and i can't get over just how perfect these bags are...no crazy details or amazing embellishments. just the right shape, size and color for me to grab and go every morning without having to transfer bags and forget my keys/metro card/lip gloss/ etc as i run out the door. gretel (in cobalt blue, above) is my girl.


blues hues, mar.10

i'm so into this washed out look. i think it's kind of a nice way to dress in this not quite yet spring but way over winter limbo season. in fact, i'd wear it now with some ankle booties and hat and gloves. i'd also pull it out again in may with chunky sandals and the jacket unzipped. take that.



taken for granted, mar.10

i know spring is fiiiinally starting to peak its' little head out, but can i please sneak one last sweater in? i'll totally wear it on summer camping trips. promise.



summer fridays, feb.10

wish i had wendy's building skillz. each piece is pure, weekend-ready, perrrfection.

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