Sweater weather pt.III- "lil lady", nyc, oct.07

If you're an old fashioned kind of gal who just wants to throw a big sweater on over a long t-shirt and tights, or tank top and jeans then may I suggest.....

Sweater weather pt.II- "the dude", nyc, oct.07

To all you cold-climate-dwelling men out there, here are a few helpful words in picking out your winter wardrobe: If the dude would wear it, so should you.....

Sweater weather, nyc, oct.07

It's chilly out there, and I'm a girl who looooves sweaters. I want cozy, chunky, cable knit and cashmere, and I want it in a dress, a sweater dress.



Whodini Handmade... Long Beach, CA

Just got home from a week long va-kay in Santa Cruz...and to my surprise, a package from my dear friend Jay from Whodini Handmade. My BF bought his new Mr. T tee and boy, talk about marketing skills (I see Mr Jay learned a thing or two from OCC).

Hand bleached, hand screen printed, re-tagged, made from recycled tees. All this encased in a little pouch (soon to be remade into a doggy pillow). Even the freakin' envelope was jazzed up! That boy got talent!

*If you'd like to get your hands on this tee, or other beauties...click on the title above*


Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

Think citrus this season, let visions of tangerines, blood oranges and grapefruit dance through your head. It's not just for summer when worn in plaids, wools, cable knits and thermals. Come on, have a little look-see:


The Ryde + Indian Summer, SF

We are in the midst of an Indian Summer here in the Bay Area and I'm gearing up for our family's annual "Santa Cruz in October" week. When I lived in Santa Cruz, I made the horrific mistake of wearing loud girly shoes and skirts...needless to say, the "trustafarians" weren't havin' it. So you got to live and learn and I think these tees are the perfect "must have" while spending time in my favorite beach town, or taking the dogs to the Park Chalet here in SF, or checking the waves in Pacifica...

Here are a couple of great ones for the guys:

and for babies:

All of these shirts, and a ton more are available at www.theryde.com


Get yer glove on!

Here is another "must have" while riding your 'ped. Also, with the autumn breeze not going anywhere anytime soon these will definitely come in handy. ps...can we talk about how amazing the gloves above are? Here are some other options to inspire to get your glove on:


Paul Bunyan was a babe, nyc, sept.07

I have just one wish this autumn season, and that is for all the men in my life(you know who you are) to be lumberjacks. I realize this is a lot to ask on such short notice which is why I will settle for guys who at least look like they could work wonders with a pile of woodchips.

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