Crushin on Kane, NYC, Mar.09

these light, sweet little desserts by Christopher Kane are so delish I am almost tempted to drop the 12 Gs to make them mine


Puff the magic sandal

Lanvin's puffy sandals are what a city girls' fairytales are made of...


Backpacking through Spring Break, SF March '09

I was uploading album covers to my iPhone a couple of weeks ago and noticed I like a lot of music that has ocean/open field scenes as the artwork. That got me thinking about Spring Break, which got me thinking of my favorite Spring accessories and no matter what Im doing this Spring I want to be carrying a backpack. Luckly backpacks are having a moment...

Road Trip through the South:

Sun bathing in Hollywood Beach, FL

Picnicing at Andrew Molera:

Collecting drift wood and abalone shells in Mendocino:

Watching the surf and reading a magazine at Trestels

*backpacks from EBAY, American Apparel, and Urban Outfitters
*floral scarf from Etsy
*Swimsuit and Hat from Urban Outfitters
*boots are Dr. Martens
*Parka from ASOS


F'09 Fashion Week: G to L

More thoughts on F09 fashion week...

love Graeme Blacks' little strapless dresses

Over the moon for Jason Wu

Karen Walkers' effortlessly cool girls

cute looks from Koi

comfy cozy Lutz and Patmos

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