the chrysler of jewels, nyc, feb.07

mama like this shiny necklace. it's an actual medallion from the back of a chrysler new yorker! ooohhh la la...


the armory show, nyc, feb.07

the preview party for the ninth annual armory show, nyc's international fair of new art, consisted of thousands of pieces of contemporary art as well as itsy bitsy sloppy joes and teeny weeny ice cream cones. aside from the food, here are just a few pieces that caught my eye:
pink fringe and camo ain't nothin but trouble(in a good way)

come to mama

mmm hmmmm

"mom butt" immortalized...how do we feel about the pelvic strap?

thug life, nyc, feb.07

this dude brings 'ghetto' to a whole new level. if you look closely you'll see that his jacket is covered in images of ATMs, cigarette cartons and....FOOD STAMPS

shoe umbrellas

.....in my dreams........


This Saturday In SF!!!!! featuring Whodini Handmade!!!!

Feria Urbana is an urban fair made up of 20-25 local artists and designers selling a range of items at accessible prices. Find the latest chic and unique clothing, jewelry, home accessories, artwork, fashion accessories and much more. It's a shopping experience like no other.

Come support your local art community - buy something for yourself
or for a gift. Grab a bite to eat or a drink and lounge in the sun on the front patio, for a little shopping break!


Saturday February 24th, 3-7 P.M.

The Canvas Cafe & Gallery - 1200 9th Ave at Lincoln
San Francisco (415)504-0060 directions

Featuring: 12 mood studio, Swordapop, Chrysiliou Accessories,
Mimosa Studio, Earthen Hinge, Tessa Kemp Jewelry, Peggy Li Creations, Silverworks, One Hot Tomatoe, Coco and Co., Tara Thralls Designs, Threads by Cho-Cho, StoneWear Jewelry, Twelve Designs, Whodini Handmade, Minerva's Antennae, Judy Aurora, The Sew Crafty Collective, Yellow Owl Workshop

Check out the website for details www.feriaurbanaSF.com

Get this bag (and other lovelies like it) at Feria Urbana this Saturday!!!!


Tennis Anyone? SF, Feb '07

Something hit me a couple of days ago...I fell in love with the vintage tennis look. That damn cupid! But honestly, can you think of anything less Spring than a crisp, white pair of tennis shoes? Also, how cute would it be to wear a tennis dress and tights while riding a moped? Maybe it's just me...


Coffee & Cigarettes

This ring is pretty cool. You can get it here if you'd like.


Year of the Pig, NYC, Feb.07

Happy Chinese New Year from me and mine to you and yours

The Oxford Dictionary, NYC, Feb.07

You've heard of jazzhands...now let me introduce you to jazzfeet. These oxfords are the new, improved, UNISEX ballet flat. Every man, woman and child should own a pair.


one man's trash is another man's treasure, chelsea, nyc, feb.07

Guess what I found on the street outside my apartment tonight...

Gay porn! Boxes of it(near the N.E. corner of 8th Ave and W.15th). While LeRoy is spotting cute mom butts and baby jesus sample sales in la Mission, I see gay porn and sweet baby bulldogs.

Chelsea. I love you.

Catherine Fulmer Fall '07 Show, NYC, Feb.07

the look:

the crowd:

winner for best dressed in the accessories category...check out her jewelry line: http://www.bijulesnyc.com/

don't you wanna be him?

can i get a holla for poppin collars?

the recipe:
one small Canal St. loft
many champagne and red bull cocktails
three platters of untouched fruit and mystery cheese
and a splash of fashion


The Return of the "Mom Butt" The Mission, SF Feb '07

I couldn't really get a good picture of this look. I was too nervous about looking like a perv. But I swear...I saw 3 girls within 1 hour and 2 blocks with the "Mom-butt" (Mom, don't be offended...there's just no other way to describe it). I am glad the high-waisted jean is coming back, though. I am sick and tired of looking at butt cracks! You know how many belt loops I broke wanking my jeans up back over my ass? And I have always been a fan of the 70's collegiate look. With these pants, the RIGHT silk blouse tucked in, a long gold chain, and some moccasins...your set! Your "strolling around the city on a Sunday afternoon" outfit can now be archived.

ps...if the girl in the photo happens to see this entry...I am sorry! Hope you don't think I am pervy. I really thought you looked amazing, just didn't know how to ask if I could take a picture or your ass...

The Mission, SF Feb '07

Not much to say about this one...


snoball effect, Cynthia Rowley fall fashion show, nyc feb.07

at what point in your day/week/life do you think to yourself 'i'd like to come across as a hostess snoball tonight at the Cynthia Rowley Fall 07 show'? there's a fine line in fashion between art and ugly, and this cupcake crossed it.


Spat-ilicious, LBC Feb '07

uh...yes please! Pair these up with a cocktail dress and some fishnet tights and you got "Valentine's date outfit" written all over you. These ingenious recreation of the Spatterdash (or Spats for short) are hand crafted by a Mrs. Amanda Pants from Long Beach, California. You can purchase these here. Tell her LeRoy sent'cha...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Very Edie Sedgwick... if she was into woodgrain.


Purse-onally....nyc, feb.07

I love these military flight helmet bags. They're cool and roomy and can endure warfare. Plus, how cute would this look with a bunch of fresh flowers or carrots or a baguette(or even a puppy) peeking out? Really cute. It says "I'm a girl who knows what she wants and I don't take no bullshit". If you're a boy, it says "I'm a man"(the military affiliation). Go get one now. But tell me if you do cause that would be embarrassing if we both wore our military flight helmet bags on the same day.

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