Catherine Fulmer Fall '07 Show, NYC, Feb.07

the look:

the crowd:

winner for best dressed in the accessories category...check out her jewelry line: http://www.bijulesnyc.com/

don't you wanna be him?

can i get a holla for poppin collars?

the recipe:
one small Canal St. loft
many champagne and red bull cocktails
three platters of untouched fruit and mystery cheese
and a splash of fashion


Kimberly said...

yum to the um to the y. can i have one, please?

Anonymous said...

lovvveeeee it! so hot!

debbie deb said...

i don't back this look, unless you're 5'9" and waif thin. otherwise your ass is just going to look terrible, ie long and flat. these high waist pants are like spandex. just cause you fit in em don't mean they look good. be careful.

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