Salty Dog

Tis the season for sand, fun, and sun (well, you'd think mid-May this would be the case for most Californian cities, but in SF...not so much). Here is my suggestion for your Summer 2007 Man Fashion:

The Salty Dog look!!!

You first need to start with the tee. Preferably thin and burned-out. You'd be a lot cooler if it was in your dad's dresser, but if not eBay (specifically this guy) is a great resource). Here are some examples:

Now for your footwear. Normally you'd want to wear your trusty ol' Rainbows. But on the days you want to feel ultra salty, how about these:

Now for bottom half. Since I am crazy for Jorts* right now, these (minus the camel toe) would be pretty bad ass:

Or maybe these:

Just in case you have a wedding, date, church with Mom, you'll need a "nice" shirt:

And to block some rays and top off this "ultra cool dude" look, find yourself a Panama hat...

And here's a list of things to do to add some street cred:
-rent/buy Point Break, or anything with Gary Busey
-line the inside of your garage with surf boards
-buy some art like this:

-have Beach Boys Pet Sounds on repeat
-take a chill pill and relax, a true Salty Dog never sweats the small stuff!

*we can all thank Lizzie Rosenberg for my new favorite word/fashion piece...JORTS (jean shorts). Coming soon, Women's Jort Fashion!

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VCC said...

this one basically sums up my lifestyle for this summer. total too cool for school beach bum type is flawless.

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