I Just Bought a Moped...Chicago, IL

LeRoy here. Thanks to my BF, brother, and father I know a little more than I'd like to about mopeds. All I am trying to do is look cute on mine...knowhatimsayin? If you dont already know, a moped is a cross between a scooter and a bike and they are pretty bad ass. With their cult following, rallies across the US, and endless ways to customize, no derr these things are so popular.
Here is a video made by some "gang" members in Chicago...yes, moped enthusiasts join gangs...just when you thought it couldn't get more awesome, they gone and done did it...


Emily said...

OMG, seriously Linds... best post ever!!!! LOVE IT!

Anonymous said...

they are from chicago, lindsay.

Anonymous said...

they keep saying hollywood cause one of them is called hollywood holt...they are somehow affiliated with the cool kids.


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