t-time, nyc, july.07

If you have ever paid a visit to my closet, you've probably come to a couple conclusions:

1. She needs a bigger closet
2. Homegirl likes shoes

It's true, there is a very big place in my heart for shoes of all shapes, sizes, creeds and colors. But an especially large part of that place in my heart is devoted to the t-strap. In my opinion this style originated in ballroom dancing, or at least that is what I fantasize about while riding the subway to work in my green toe-cleavy t-straps. They are sweet, sexy and they really keep you strapped in.

These beauties by FS/NY will be available soon...

Richard Tyler...

Or you can always try trusty ole eBay....

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Rosie said...

When will the FSNY ones be available? I love the fishnet ones

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