Greek Chic

So my mom's 50th b-day is coming up and its a Greek-themed soiree. Maybe it's because Coco's sugga momma, Erin Fetherston, is my new favorite designer. Maybe it's because the metallic trend is so hot right now it could stick coal up its ass and shit out gold (wow, that pun was totally not planned!). Or maybe, just maybe, I'm really in the mood to wear a one-shoulder metallic party dress. Besides, it's hard to pull off "Greek" and not do toga a' la Animal House. I think my choice is a bit more appropriate...

But if your still not convinced about the one shoulder thing, and your in the market for a pretty party dress, this lil' number would suffice:

And while I'm on the subject, I love this metallic tunic. Paired with short jean shorts, knee high boots, and a hoodie...you got yourself my favorite outfit to wear on a moped. *stay tuned for more moped attire options*

Pair this with a long sleeved white t-shirt, skinny jeans, and some moccassins and you got yourself a cute "running errands on saturday" outfit.

And these...well these are for Coco...she hearts dickies!

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