Backpacking through Spring Break, SF March '09

I was uploading album covers to my iPhone a couple of weeks ago and noticed I like a lot of music that has ocean/open field scenes as the artwork. That got me thinking about Spring Break, which got me thinking of my favorite Spring accessories and no matter what Im doing this Spring I want to be carrying a backpack. Luckly backpacks are having a moment...

Road Trip through the South:

Sun bathing in Hollywood Beach, FL

Picnicing at Andrew Molera:

Collecting drift wood and abalone shells in Mendocino:

Watching the surf and reading a magazine at Trestels

*backpacks from EBAY, American Apparel, and Urban Outfitters
*floral scarf from Etsy
*Swimsuit and Hat from Urban Outfitters
*boots are Dr. Martens
*Parka from ASOS


Coco said...

THIS makes me miss San Franciscoooooooo

Suzcorrea said...

i like each vision... very well put together

sarah said...

damn, i like that babysuit!

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