Autumn-atic pt.II: the dream team, nyc, sept.09

dear everyone,

may i present to you the dream team -- a few key pieces i'm not willing to live without this fall, in no particular order:

ciggie pant

matchstick ankle cords in black, jcrew

cropped pencil leg jean in ink, j.brand

autumn oxford
dreamy white jazz oxford, etsy

fancy metallic jazz oxford, etsy

blingy cream oxfords, topshop

schoolgirl blazer

this gap blazer is sold out everywhere...HELP

this j.crew one is fab but i think i think I can find a good one closer to $100

driving gloves!!!

in hopes of channeling Grace Kelly's character in To Catch a Thief, i'm on the prowl for a perfect pair of lady gloves.

these ivory driving gloves from etsy are close to perfection, but the $110 price lingers just outside my budget...eeks!

what's on your back to school wishlist???


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jamieofalltrades said...

skinny pants - jeans, cords, khakis, jean leggings but with zippers on the side. and plaid shirts! hello 90s!

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