erin fetherston spr10, nyc, sept.09

mkay so i didnt make it to the erin fetherston show, but i did, very thoroughly, review the style.com images and i have to say i am impressed, ladies!!!! amazing! the collection is one of the most buttoned-up and wearable that i've seen from the designer in quite a few seasons, probably since the spring 08 seashell-hued show. the short lady gloves and oversized sheer hats instantly remind me of Vivian's day-at-the-races look in Pretty Woman. right? am i right?? god i love that movie. and god i love this collection.

perfect for a day at the racetrack

garden parties galore

new on my wishlist: lace lady gloves

thoughts on these shoulders? well, i love. i much prefer these over the 80s hyper-padded power looks i'm afraid we'll soon see in every fashion mag.

a modern day Holly Golightly

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