hasbeens, nyc, oct.09

i've been tossing and turning at night over the thought of re-introducing clogs into my life. frumpy or fashiony? bomb or mom? i've been known to step out in a pair or two, but this was back in the pacific nw days when north face and eddie bauer were considered haute couture.

no longer fret, my pet...hasbeens found a way to make clogs cool:


jamieofalltrades said...

Ooooo... I like. I've been thinking about clogs too. How do you make them chic?

mofrancis said...

Been sporting the clogs on a daily basis for years, forcing it to work with skinny jeans - but they are finally makin' them sexy! Broke down and went for the no.6 biker boots... totally worth it.

Andrea said...

This has been my absolute fear- the comeback of clogs! They make your legs look so stumpy!

Although I love to embrace fashion, this is one of those few things that worry me. Clogs and fanny packs.

Coco said...

love the feedback ladies!!!

joat: i would wear these the same way i'd wear any other leather boots/booties- with skinnies, leggings and a long cardi or tights and mini dresses...or even ciggies with the slip on clogs. you'd look so cute buzzing around the kitchen in a pair :)

mo: yes you have! and no.6 biker boots?? can wait to see you work em.

andrea: thats the beauty of these babies- the heel is taller and skinnier...no more stumps!

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