ksubi sunnies, nyc, nov.09

i spent the better part of last week tucked under a blanket with an itchy throat and stuffy nose (...and a cute new baby kitten by my side). at times like these i call upon my tried and true 3-part remedy:

*zicam dissolvable tablets (every 3-4 hours!)

*sick soup, a concoction that has gotten me through some of the worst colds and flus: dice up some carrots, leeks and as much garlic as you can handle and toss into a pot of sodium-free chicken broth. voila, sick soup!

*breakfast at tiffany's on repeat! i seriously never get sick of this film and always find some new detail to obsess over with every viewing

...this time it was her sunnies. i know i know, holly golightly's shades are classics, i'm hardly the first person to notice them. but i need a new pair for this sunny, cold new york winter i'm about to face. these beauties are made for a modern day audrey h...they just jumped all the way up to the #1 spot on my holiday wishlist!

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