Best Of Lucky, feb. '10

So I was thinking about posts and what I'm obsessed with these days. Instead of racking my brain into writers block (which is why you haven't heard from me in a while), I thought "Let's keep it simple." Every month for at least 10 years (or how ever long it has been on the magazine racks) I've gone through Lucky Magazine issues and flagged everything I like and/or want to purchase. So why not list them here instead of lugging around old magazine clippings? That way, you readers can spare yourself the $3.50 and the guilt of killing trees and I'll do all the heavy lifting. Makes perfect sense to me, really! So, without further ado...my picks from the February 2010 issue:

My introduction to Danish rocker Mette Lindberg. Isn't she gorgeous?

Coco was awfully on trend by posting about plaid wool weekenders. Grab this one by Filson for 25% off by entering "lucky1" at checkout.

These are tough, I'll admit, but bless your Tomboy ass if you can pull it off. Olive green desert boots are on point for my obsession with Arizona attire. Get these by J Shoes here.

Perfect "toast" nail color to add to my collection by RGB

All natural Korres Lip Butter in Quince. Hurry and get it for less than $6 by entering "lucky4" at checkout.

Good ol' cuticle and dry skin shizz. I'm a sucker for this crap.

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