weekender, jan.10

me and my beau are getting away and i can.not.wait.

the planning of this long weekend started with us entertaining the idea of 4 days in Dublin(too short). then perhaps upstate NY(too hard without a car). finally a decision has been made and B&B booked- the multi-city, multi-state tour begins tomorrow afternoon. with visits to Denville, NJ for a family (and kitty) visit, Vernon, NJ for saturday snow tubin, din and drinks in Philly, PA, and a B&B in New Hope, PA, i'm sitting here trying to figure out what to pack and how I can squeeze it into a perfect weekender (see below). in need of some help, i've pulled these images for inspiration...i'm thinking winter whites, duck boots, chunky knits and a mini dress for good measure. wish i had a snood right about now.

(bloom grow love)





(sammy hassy...oops i just bought it)

(nast mag)

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