Purse-onally....nyc, feb.07

I love these military flight helmet bags. They're cool and roomy and can endure warfare. Plus, how cute would this look with a bunch of fresh flowers or carrots or a baguette(or even a puppy) peeking out? Really cute. It says "I'm a girl who knows what she wants and I don't take no bullshit". If you're a boy, it says "I'm a man"(the military affiliation). Go get one now. But tell me if you do cause that would be embarrassing if we both wore our military flight helmet bags on the same day.


Anonymous said...

Yo, unfortunately, style and news media are tightly linked. Lot's of troops are being deployed to Irag right now and, as a result, I have seen a serious resurgence of military chic. Yikes and Yo! Amerkkka is kinda sick sometimes, but it is eventually on the fashion tip. So, I don't mean to sound like a hard-ass, but you better jump on surplus fashion, 'cause it the 'ish right now. So, holla at yo' man over-sea's...

Coco said...

It's true, current events and fashion are unavoidably linked. We could use use a guys perspective...wanna write a piece about surplus fashion for us, anonymous? You are a dude, no?

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