Spat-ilicious, LBC Feb '07

uh...yes please! Pair these up with a cocktail dress and some fishnet tights and you got "Valentine's date outfit" written all over you. These ingenious recreation of the Spatterdash (or Spats for short) are hand crafted by a Mrs. Amanda Pants from Long Beach, California. You can purchase these here. Tell her LeRoy sent'cha...
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Very Edie Sedgwick... if she was into woodgrain.


crossroadsnigga said...

I saw designer spats making a(sub) urban appearance in Fader magazine about three issues back (which is about 4 months ago.) This is not to deminish the trend, but to enlighten the brilliant reading material I study. Ha ha, no, spat style is fo' sho' iiinnnn. My advice, applaud me because I'm fashionable, pahtnah. Read Fader magazine, and try to catch me, cause I'm ballin'...

tiger said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.

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