Lady Sunday, SF

I have such a girl crush on the ladies at Painted Bird. (it is with deep hesitation to say what I am about to say, in fear of all the good vintage being taken) If you haven't been, GO! It is the exact store I would have opened if I were to open a Buy/Sell/Trade store. Coco and I used to work at Crossroads Trading Co (that's how we meet), which is where the owner worked as well.

I've taken the liberty to create the best "Lady Sunday" ever...

...$4 bottomless mimosas at Lime, gay men and champagne!! Not your mothers way of spending Sunday morning, that's for sure.
...then head over to Painted Bird. And if your a marathon shopper, may I suggest Little Otsu, Thrift Town, and Needles & Pens to name a few.
...by now you will be in need of a pickmeup, so (with a reservation already made) head over to Lovejoy's Tea Room
...to end your cash-guzzling Sunday, I have 2 options: 1)back patio/garden, french fries, salad, and wine at Frjtz. 2)back yard, bike messengers, veggie burger, home fries, and beer at Zeitgeist. If you do choose the latter, learn from my brothers mistake and don't play a B-52's song on the Jukebox.
...and of course, walk everywhere

Enjoy and pray for sun!

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Coco said...

coco wants to do it alllllll

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