LeRoy's Tax Return purchase #1

I like to appreciate this time of getting back money from Uncle Sam because I know it wont last long once the house and babies come. So in honor of my appreciation and the foreseen recession, I feel it's my duty as an American citizen to indulge in a little useless spending. How you may ask? Buy splurging on one of these little beauties. Those of you who know me know the most expensive bag I've ever bought was no more than $30...so yes, Money Bags, this bag is expensive to me. But I feel its worth it since it fair trade...right? And by wearing this around town it's like I'm a walking United Nations Fashionista ($100 says my bf is rolling his eyes at that last statement).

Anyhow, do West Bengal and America proud and buy one will ya? Just not the navy and teal, kay?

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