agate-a have one! nyc, may.08

Every once in a while something captures my attention and I just can't get it out of my mind...Lykke Li(Thursday night at Bowery Ballroom!), banana sushi, Joel Englestein (and his amazing sense of man-style--more to come on that soon), pink drinks at the Uptown(and the impromptu photo shoots that follow) just to name a few. Something new has come along that's really knocked my socks off and I can't quite decide if it's tacky or fantastic but I just don't care. Behold, the agate drusy ring

I would like to wear one on each finger while telling fortunes out of the back of an old VW at Hemp Fest '08. Or maybe just the lavender one while sipping pink drinks with Joel Englestein.

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wiskeylips said...

What would be fantastic is if they made these into agate knuckles. I think dark blue agate knuckles would go great with a pink drink.

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