Where to Shop in Union Square on a Budget (part 2), SF May 08

Next on my list...Urban Outfitters
Now, the way I feel about UO is the same way I feel about Lucky Magazine. I'm inspired slash mockingly bitter slash wanting to blow my wad slash inevitably dissapointed. So I shoot low and just buy things from the sales racks. The only problem with that is the crap thats on sale is the most ill-fitting and unflattering styles of all. So just like thrift stores, you must sift through the poop to get to the gold. And by gold, I generaly mean the shoes. Because of my specific body type, a lot of the sales clothes wouldnt be worthy of my money. But if your lucky enough to have a "high metabolism," two things...screw you and UO is your oyster. For the rest of us, here's a few items I found:

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