Where to Shop in Union Square on a Budget (part 1), SF May 08

While on my lunch break today, I came to grips with the fact that I can't afford shit. Plain and simple. I love clothes and shoes, but I can't afford what I really want. So I thought I would give you all a run down on my favorite places to shop when I'm downtown in Union Square. I have to break this up into seperate posts, as I am realizing I want a lot right now.

First up...Old Navy
Now, because of the fact that the only people reading this know me personally, this retail establishment may come as a shock to you and a "go to" place for me given the circumstances of last year (can we all say "run on sentence"?). But its true and I have come to terms with my relationship with this store...forgive and forget :) Because the fact is, there is a small portion of this store that has their shit going on!
Here are some examples:

I actually just bought this cute floral sleeveless tea dress at the actual store. Unfortunately, the image isn't available online...I guess you'll just have to come to my housewarming party to see it :)

next up...Urban Outfitters!

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