UPDATE Autumn-atic pt.II: the dream team, nyc, oct.09

remember when i wrote about my fall 09 dream team? well let me bring you up to speed:

ciggie pant: not yet!! i've been making do with an old pair of cropped gap denim that will suffice for now. but they're not quite as tapered as i would like and i won't last much longer in these faux ciggies!

autumn oxfords: no luck! i'm finding that there are a ton of ugly cheap-not-chic options out there and then some really beautifully amazingly expensive ones. i've just found a pic of this moschino cheap & chic oxford and i am dyyying. i can't find it online anywhere...help!

schoolgirl blazer: check! my awesome friend kim referred me to this cheap + chic lil number and i plan on debuting it tomorrow!

driving gloves: while still an important part of the dream team, these have been put on the back burner. ideally i will find a sweet little pair of embellished leather driving gloves in the coming months, but for now i'm happy with a beautiful pair of white evening gloves inherited from my chooch**. i plan on getting sassy on your a*s and wearing chunky cocktail rings over the gloves, so watch out.

**"chooch" is my mom's mom and one of the most graceful, stylish and beautiful women i've known.

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