let it rain, nyc, nov.09

did anyone else get caught in that nasty downpour on saturday? eeks. i've been pondering the purchase of some puddle jumpers for a while- approximately 3 and 1/4 years, since the day i set foot in new york. after torturing a few precious pairs of leather boots in the process, i can finally say i'm ready for wellies. here's the problem: hunters are cute but i see them on every woman in a 60-mile radius! i want something different, but not crazy. black or grey or navy, tall and without too much detail...rubber is hard enough to get on, i don't need 10 inches of lacing thrown in. so i think i've found the ones. well, two:

jeffrey campbell rain boot, $64.95

rubber riding boot,$29.90

thoughts? i can't decide....kinda leaning toward the riding boot!



mofrancis said...

Coco! It's been raining cats and dogs in Seattle I am in dire need of a super cute rain slicker. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

i just bought a pair of rubber riding boots for all the rainy days in london and i absolutely love them. i say go for those!

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