aubin and wills, dec.09

i came across this collection and instantly felt right at home...in seattle. just what i needed since i won't be traveling further west than greensboro, north carolina this holiday season. i'm a little thrown by the shoe choices for each look, i'd probably switch them out for some rubber riding boots or suede ankle booties, but this is just the stuff i'd wear around my rainy city- drinks at the broiler, movie dates with mama, coffee and crosswords with pops, ferry rides to the islands, dog walks with sis and all the other favorite things i'm missing right now.


pooks said...

seattle, and everyone here, is missing you oodles!! hurry home...

Coco said...

oh pookle-dooks! i'm missing you all un monton. i hear the shoeless holiday gift exchange was fabu, sad i missed it. i'm coming i'm coming, in just over a month!

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